Our business in a nutshell

How can climate protection be implemented in a modern and at the same time economically viable way?

This frequently asked question represents a supposed dilemma to which we respond with a simple and sustainable solution.  With the application of state-of-the-art sensor technology and analytics we pave the way not only for simple everyday solutions but also for an effective climate protection. We provide our customers with technically mature systems and relieve them of any additional effort as we manage each and every project through every single stage.

smart city

Smart city

To maintain a high urban liveability in the cities in the future, a flexible resource management is essential.  With wireless data transfer we are able to gather and retrieve information at any time and place. We therefore integrate state-of-the-art sensor technology into your existing systems in order to make economic forecasts and take decisions on the basis of the analysed and evaluated data.

With our data platform we amongst others provide interfaces that allow the integration of sensors from other manufacturers. All common radio protocols are supported and the exchange with other software solutions can be implemented easily and problem-free. As a result, we can integrate our systems not only in cities, but also in rural areas.


Ad-hoc Networks

As a young start up company we have made it our mission to counteract climatic change with the aid of modern technologies. Our team consists of engineers with a broad knowledge and with extensive experiences in the areas of hardware and software.  Sustainability and a more environmentally-friendly future are very close to our hearts.  Consequently, we develop applications that enable our customers to act in an environmentally responsible and at the same time economically viable way.

Smart Waste

How can the emptying of waste containers and waste bins be organized in a more efficient manner? We offer an environment-friendly way to save both resources and valuable time when emptying garbage bins and containers. Installed sensors regularly check the filling quantity and transmit this information to a control centre.  So, optimised driving routes can be planned and unnecessary journeys can be avoided.

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Our core competencies

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Fast Prototyping


Planning of housings


Series production




Radio/Wireless Peripheral




App Development



Our team has long-standing experience and proven expertise in energy-saving radio-based sensor technology systems. All radio and IT infrastructure as well as web technologies are developed by ourselves. In this way we can perfectly address the individual needs and special requirements of our customers and can flexibly adapt us to the infrastructural conditions.

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In order to carry out optimisations the current system status as well as the responses to defined influence parameters must be known. Our applications use analysis and simulation procedures to avoid risks such as bottlenecks. Sensor data are:

  • transferred to our cloud infrastructure
  • compacted by big data technologies
  • processed appropriately.


Through direct contact and communication with developers we provide a quick and straightforward implementation and feasibility studies.  Our systems offer open interfaces to many 3rd party software solutions as well as individually configurable contents to cover a wide range of applications.




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Michael Ebert

Senior Software Architect

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Rico Flaegel

Senior Software Architect

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