Smart Waste

How can we combine environmental protection with economical benefits?  An optimised resource management can make an important contribution toward climate protection. With the smart waste principle we equip your waste bins and waste containers with radio-based sensors in order to regularly check the filling quantity.  You can then comfortably plan your routes for the emptying of your containers on our web platform – with minimum effort. This prevents you from unnecessary empty runs and helps you to save valuable time.


Our services


Everything from a single source

We handle all aspects concerning hardware, software and data maintenance. If desired the sensor installation can of course be carried out by your own personnel.


Web platform

For the management of your sensors you will receive an access to our web platform in order to evaluate data, to create charts and to benefit from even more sophisticated functions and helpful features.


Analytical tools

All data can be interlinked with each other and graphically displayed. This allows you for example to carry out detailed analysis of how, how often, when etc. refuses are thrown in.


Route planning

Plan your routes with the help of current filling levels and forecasts of your journeys. Our system will calculate your best route.

share map

Share your routes

Transmit your planned route easily to the mobile devices of your personnel. They can drive from station to station while the status of the emptying is forwarded live to the web platform.


Route simulation

Create the most optimal route by simulating the journeys beforehand and adjust parameters such as start date or interim destinations accordingly.

Your benefits


Process optimisation

Stop wasting capacities and gain more time to invest in more important challenges, assignments and projects.

Easy installation

The software assembly as well as the software maintenance are completely taken on by us.

Low CO2 emissions

Thanks to a perfectly scheduled deployment of personnel and vehicle fleet you protect the environment and reduce the emission of CO2.


Save resources

Thanks to the targeted deployment of employees and vehicles you can avoid the premature or delayed emptying of refuse bins and containers.


Our serivice as a subscription

Monthly contributions make the costs manageable and minimize risks.

Detection of fire hazards

With intensive fluctuations in temperature the sensors warn of potential fire hazards.


Compare current data with older data to further optimise your processes.

Fact-based evaluation

Stop relying on estimates and create accurate forecasts based on the collected data.

At a glance

Areas of application

icon city

Cities & municipalities

Achieve and generate a higher satisfaction of your citizens through a clean environment and create new opportunities for your waste points.
airport icon

Public infrastructure

Simplify the monitoring of innumerable containers in order to deploy employees more purposefully.
icon trash company

Disposal businesses

By using the sensors you can plan the emptying of containers in advance and deploy vehicles and personnel more efficiently.
icon zoo 2

Zoos & Theme parks

Let your employees empty containers and waste bins with the assistance of automatic notifications to offer your visitors clean areas.